Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher Training

Other countries started the VR Fire Training well before Australia and adapted to their legislation and standards. Working with a firm in the USA, Europe and Australia, FCF has managed to pull all the great parts of each forward thinking company into one that works with Australian legislation in all states. The Australian designer has been very open to adaptation of the VR Fire Training that is unique to FCF.

Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher Training experience to a new level. A level that could only be matched by actually fighting a real fire. The key components;

  • Low cost per person
  • Selection of multiple environment’s. – office fire, car fire, military fire etc
  • Correct procedure
  • Correct selection of extinguishers and alternative options
  • Real extinguisher weight
  • Virtual world and reality of different scenarios
  • Fire extinguisher agent left when fighting a fire
  • Knowing when a fire becomes aggressive and time to escape

With constant improvements and new scenarios being completed each year, FCF know we have a scenario to suit your business.

This is taking your staff’s capabilities to the next level and meeting a level that if fighting a real fire, they have the correct knowledge to stay safe.

Find out how FCF can take your business to the next level with heat and smoke affects added to Virtual Training.

An example of a business being built, for purpose fire extinguisher training.

Virtual Reality Your Business Designed for Fire Extinguisher Training

Virtual Reality has many applications and the one we are most proud of at FCF is the ability to design your work environment to the highest risk in your business and deliver specific training to that part of the fire risk for First Response Training.

An example is a Hardware Warehouse which has many risks.  The one area we wanted to focus on, is where a fire could break out.  In traditional training you can do your best to replicate the environment and risk. Given the advancements of VR Technology with the ability to design a premise to your layout and build a virtual world; the future of fire extinguisher training is here.

Why not take the time to contact FCF and find out how your business can gain access to a personalised Fire Training VR world? The cost is very competitive and FCF have options to help you save.

The benefits of fighting a fire in a Virtual World with your layout and risks has the potential to reduce risk dramatically.

Find out how FCF can take your business to the next level with heat and smoke affects added to Virtual Training. For more information about virtual reality fire extinguisher training call now.