Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency Exit Lighting Australian Standard AS2293 is the installation and testing standard for Australian businesses. Many business owners aren’t aware that Exit Lights and Emergency Lights are to be tested in similar time frames as Fire Extinguishers.

The test frequency is 6 monthly and 12 yearly and is required to be recorded in an Emergency Exit Light Logbook. The logbook records the original installation locations, any adjustments as tenancy changes are made, test dates, failed lights, repairs and who did the repair. Too often using a standard electrician, they forget or do not know and leave the logbook not updated. The Fire Authorities, Fire Assessors, Insurance, and Inspectors use this logbook to ensure site compliance to State Legislation.

At FCF, we believe as an Emergency Exit Light service provider, that it is our role to provide options. From offering standard Emergency Exit Lights to suit a budget or providing the benefits of using a better product. An example is some Emergency Exit Lights (LED) will only last 12 months or just over the warranty period. FCF sourced an Australian Manufacturer that could extend their warranty to a full five years. It just makes sense to buy a light once every 5-7 years over every 1-3 years. When doing the maths, this just makes sense to install better products for our clients. Let’s quickly break down some costs.

Common Emergency Exit Light LED $220 to install and sign off with 12 months warranty. You could see this light last 2.5 years or less, which equals $440 across five years or more.

Using an FCF approved five year warranty Emergency Exit Light at $250 for the five to seven years, you certainly get more value and are compliant for longer.

Pricing is indicative only as there are many Emergency and Exit Light varieties.

FCF promote the five year warranty as it’s not our role to sell as many Emergency Exit Lights as possible, our role is to be a service provider and provide your business with the best products.

We also hold the very rare Emergency and Exit Lighting Certifiers certificate, if you want the right advice come to the experts. Call FCF to compare prices or have a Site Audit completed by submitting an online enquiry form

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