Fire Panels

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems can be complex, with extremely sensitive equipment monitoring buildings and apartment blocks. AS1670 is the Australian Standard that helps Fire Certifiers design a Fire Detection System for people’s safety. Once the design is completed along with installation and commissioning for the building, AS1851 takes over as the maintenance standard for the system. Did you know that older Australian Standards called for weekly Fire Panel Testing? In more modern volumes of AS1851, the Fire Panel is required to be inspected monthly.

Finding a competent service provider can be difficult as it takes years to become a Certifier and even more dedication as you become available 24/7 for faults on systems and false alarms.

At FCF, we look for the problem and fault find issues. We are proud to have helped many businesses in locating the issue with their fire systems causing false alarms. We pride ourselves on lowering the call outs for the Fire Brigade and our Technicians after hours. This in turn also saves our clients’ money. Lowering false alarms and faults also ensures that the occupants of the premises are not constantly wondering if this is a false alarm or a real emergency.

To ensure you have the best team, from Certifiers, Installations, and Testers, call FCF. We are happy to take on your Fire Panel issues and get to the bottom of why the system is reporting false data.