Fire Extinguisher Training

One of the most important parts of all state’s legislation across Australia in relation to fire, is fire extinguisher training. Overlooked by so many businesses and a massive factor in risk to all businesses.  In today’s technology and having access to online training via any computer connected to the internet, FCF provide an easy solution to meeting the legislative requirements.

What are your options with fire extinguisher training?

Three options available to any business now: classroom, online and VR.

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Classroom at your Premises

The typical way many businesses like to perform training is classroom learning. As traditionally it keeps staff engaged and allows questions to be answered by an expert. Normally taking between an hour to an hour and a half. This method of training has been engaging for many years.

Live fire has been the most exciting part of this training for many with a typically gas fire and each participant selects an extinguisher as per the instructor’s instructions to extinguish the flame.

In Australia, due to much of the country being in drought more than wet seasons, the risk of fire is always high. Majority of training is performed in built up environments which poses an issue of risk for the fire to escape and affect other buildings. Most training providers now avoid the live fire due to risk, clean up and permit wait times.

Online Training

Technology since 2018 met FCF’s expectations with automated interaction and learning capabilities. With a sizable investment of $75,000 to ensure the level of detail was met to the Australian Standards, allowed participants to complete First Response Training Online via an Interactive class. This allowed multiple benefits to clients and staff.

  • Completion at your own learning pace
  • No effort of gathering all staff at set times and missing people on holidays
  • Automatic reminders at certificate expiry date
  • New staff didn’t require a special class to meet legislation

The cost varies very little for small businesses to large businesses with 500 plus staff. The FCF goal is to provide a service that benefits our clients and allows them to run their business at a complaint level with minimum cost.

Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher Training

Other countries started the VR Fire Training well before Australia and adapted to their legislation and standards. Working with a firm in the USA, Europe and Australia, FCF has managed to pull all the great parts of each forward thinking company into one that works with Australian legislation in all states. The Australian designer has been very open to adaptation of the VR Fire Training that is unique to FCF.

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Virtual Reality takes that fire extinguisher training experience to a new level. A level that could only be matched by actually fighting a real fire. The key components;

  • Low cost per person
  • Selection of multiple environment’s. – office fire, car fire, military fire etc
  • Correct procedure
  • Correct selection of extinguishers and alternative options
  • Real extinguisher weight
  • Virtual world and reality of different scenarios
  • Fire extinguisher agent left when fighting a fire
  • Knowing when a fire becomes aggressive and time to escape

With constant improvements and new scenarios being completed each year, FCF know we have a scenario to suit your business.

This is taking your staff’s capabilities to the next level and meeting a level that if fighting a real fire, they have the correct knowledge to stay safe.

Find out how FCF can take your business to the next level with heat and smoke affects added to Virtual Training.