Fire Training

First Response Fire Training is critical to ensure correct procedure during a fire and to make sure that when selecting a Fire Extinguisher to fight a fire, you do so correctly. AS3745 Australian Planning for Emergencies, is the legislation required to have staff trained in First Response Training.

FCF offer in class sessions, an online training platform or Virtual Reality classroom experience. Pick which option suits your business requirements and let an FCF Fire Trainer take you through the course of your choice.

Offering the latest in Fire Training via VR Training with 30 plus scenarios to choose from, FCF has you covered. Starting with an office fire situation onto a military truck fire or even an airplane engine fire. To find out more visit our dedicated fire training site

FCF also offer Warden Training, Evacuation Training and more.

Ask about our live Smoke Simulators for your next evacuation practice, see live how people really react to your Fire Plan when smoke is present at your workplace.