Fire Extinguisher Uses After They Expire

At the end of a fire extinguisher’s life (which is 5 years from the DOM – Date of Manufacture, as per AS1851), after 5 long years, some extinguishers still look relatively new, however have reached a safe working life end.

The cost to refill some extinguisher’s like Dry Powder is approximately the same as buying a new one in Australia due to importing materials, labour costs, warehousing costs and speciality machinery. Majority of fire companies now choose to send these units back, normally at a cost to China. Some local governments will allow dumping of Expired Fire Extinguisher, yet many wont due to the fire extinguisher being a pressurized unit.

What are your options for the fire extinguishers that are damaged and can’t go back to be scrapped and refilled?  The local tip, however, as a throwaway society, FCF is doing its best to upcycle some of these old extinguishers and expired fire extinguisher. Get in contact with FCF to handle the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of fire extinguishers.

Expired Fire Extinguisher