Electrical Test and Tag

Inspection of electrical items to AS3760 is an important part of ensuring that your business meets Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. Using a qualified person from FCF you can ensure that your business will remain compliant.

Some states have rules that override the AS3760 standard and allow for RCD testing to take the place of Electrical Test and Tag. Normally testing RCD’s is best performed by two electricians at the switchboard. Even though you have an extra person on site this test is normally faster and costs less to complete the legislative requirements than a standard Electrical Test and Tag. To find out if your building meets the requirements and a cost saving can be had, contact FCF to inspect your site for a free quote.

A service provider should always look for the best option for their client and not inspect or check Electrical Test and Tag items the way they have always done it. As a member of Master Electricians Australia, FCF are always up to date with any changes and new technology that can even test your RCD’s remotely.

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