Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms technology is advancing quickly with Interconnected 240v Photo Optical Alarms and Ionization. Australian Standard AS3786 helps with the location and requirements for Smoke Alarms.

Using just any Smoke Detector is a thing of the past; now smoke alarms have WiFi and apps they connect to.

Making sure you understand the requirements of not only the testing every 6 months but also the features you want in a Smoke or Thermal Alarm is important. Some clients want a set and forget model that has been designed to minimise false alarms and only function at a critical lifesaving moment when smoke is detected. More price sensitive clients opt for a good model that has a 10-year built in battery, these can come in 9v or 240v with sealed battery housing. These are great value for money and are normally a set, test and forget model.

Understanding how photoelectric smoke alarms work, allows FCF Fire Technicians to best match your Smoke Alarm requirements with the best suitable model. No matter if it is a Smoke Alarm for your house, or a Smoke Alarm for a rental property with tenants that are a bit rough and may need a cage designed to go around the Smoke Alarm to protect it. FCF has the right Smoke Alarm for your situation.

With multiple real-estate agency’s trusting FCF, we know our service, advice and warranties will help your portfolio run smoothly. Using asset software, we can notify you when Smoke Alarms are due to be tested or replaced, any warranties and history of each Smoke Alarm. With all of this information available to you for free via our Customer Portal. With FCF Fire Technicians using tablets in the field, you can have the information updated as soon as the job is completed with live data.

Changes in Legislation is consistent and FCF is a founding member of the Smoke Alarm Association. Our participation in being a part of this association allows FCF to be up to date with legislation changes, best practice and more product knowledge.

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