There are fire extinguisher uses depending on what is burning, fires can be classified into different types. The sort of fire extinguisher we should use to put out the flames is determined by this classification.

Not all fires require the same type of extinguisher, so be sure you use the right one for the job. Different sorts of fire extinguishers are utilized to determine which ones are ideal for the type of fire you’re dealing with. Below are the fire extinguisher uses.

Fire Extinguisher Uses

The six classes of fire: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, ‘Electrical’, and Class F.

Before operating a fire extinguisher, training should be engaged to help your brain memory (action taken previously stored in the back of one’s mind) to understand if you’re placing yourself and others at risk by accidently choosing the wrong fire extinguisher.

A breakdown of classes

  • Class A fires – combustible materials: caused by flammable solids, such as wood, paper, and fabric
  • Class B fires – flammable liquids: such as petrol, turpentine or paint
  • Class C fires – flammable gases: like hydrogen, butane or methane
  • Class D fires – combustible metals: chemicals such as magnesium, aluminium or potassium
  • Class E fires – electrical equipment
  • Class F fires – cooking oils: typically a chip-pan fire
Fire Extinguisher Types